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Dr Emma Butcher is a historian, writer and broadcaster who is an expert in the history of children and war. She has also spoken and published on the life and writings of the Brontës.

She was named as a BBC New Generation Thinker in 2017 and appears regularly on both TV and radio. Emma is currently presenting on the BBC’s innovative programme ‘The Novels that Made Us’ and is involved in this year’s BBC Proms. In 2017 she was awarded a prestigious Leverhulme Trust scholarship at the University of Leicester to conduct research into children's experiences of conflict in the nineteenth century. In 2020 she will take up the position of W.M Keck Visiting Fellow at the Huntington Library, LA.

Emma’s debut trade title, ‘Children in the Age of Modern War’, will be published by OUP Global in 2021. Her academic monograph, ‘The Brontës and War’, will be published by Palgrave in 2020.

Emma has written for The Guardian, BBC History Magazine, History Today, History Today Online, Times Higher Education, and the PN Review